Formation by pathology

Content of the module:

  • In the chapter "formation by pathology" all pathological radiographs as well as its variants are arranged by aetiology and/or its pathology. For example a lung tumour is in the same block as a mediastinal tumour or a neurogenic tumour.
  • Knowledge of x-ray anatomy is important as a basis for this as well as for other chapters.
  • Frequent is frequent, rare is propably not (yet) a part of this collection. We do not claim for completeness, but we aim towards it. For the daily routine and also for examinations, frequent diseases form the main part.

Learning objectives:

  1. See what is not normal.
  2. To get an overview over the range of pathological changes within an anatomical region.
  3. To see what is frequent.
  4. To get into the routine of viewing of abnormal pictures.