Chest radiography in children

Didactical concept:

  • The emphasis of PediRad is on the plain radiograph. Theoretical knowledge should be achived from books and in lectures.
  • PediRad makes radiograph-diagnostic exercise material available from the area of child radiology for students and assistant physician of different fields of activity.
  • The exercise unit "chest diagnostics" offers extensive radiological pictorial material to normal and pathological situations; in the centre thereby the classical plain or conventional radiograph is located.
  • The correct interpretation and evaluation of the "chest radiograph" in two levels represents one of the most important basis for a successful and responsible clinical activity.
  • Conventional training media can show, because of place and cost reasons, only the completely normal and very typical pathological radiographs. That is certainly not sufficient for learners. Variations of the "normal" and "pathological" are far more frequent than examples shown in teaching books.
  • With "the picturebook" we want to show comparison possibilities, which enable you to achive good clinical knowledge and experience.

Learning objectives of this teaching program:

  1. Insight into the variety of "normal" and the "pathological".
  2. Ability to reconstruct the developmental steps of chest in children on the basis of radiological manifestations.
  3. Recognise "normal findings" depending on the age of the smaller and bigger patients.
  4. Recognise "normal findings" as a function of special situations (inspiration situation, body position, intubation, etc.).
  5. Understand the characteristics of pathological findings of different developments.
  6. To compile the material by different systems (anatomical regions, pathological groups, age groups)
  7. Comparisons within the "normal findings", within the "pathological findings" and between the two groups.
  8. Collecting and re-working pictures for individual purposes by means of picture archives.
  9. Practice clinical situations from the daily life on the basis of the case examples.

People involved in this project:

  • Jan Nagy MD, development, editing of the cases and translation into English.
  • Caroline Phillipson MBBS, translation into English
  • Rainer Wolf MD, consultant, head of Pediatric Radiology, technical support
  • Ulrich Woermann MD, didactical support, direction of the project.

PediRad Chest was awarded a Certificate of Merit at the 97th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the Radiological Society of North America 2011 in Chicago.