ErgoLight: Effects of Illumination/Lighting on the working person

Lighting is one factor contributing to the ergonomic quality of an office work place.

This link leads you to a learning simulation for illumination ergonomics called ErgoLight. Ergolight enables you to practice various conditions for ergonomic illumination. You can practice how various lighting conditions influences the working conditions of office workers.

We have prepared four training conditions for you (choose it from the drop-down menu):

Try to improve the lighting conditions by either changing the lighting conditions (by adding or removing illumination sources, or by moving the work place). You can also measure the luminance in the room by using the luxmeter.

Try out various possibilities and observe the effects for the person working in the room.

ErgoLight simulates the effects of different illumination conditions on people. It teaches illumination ergonomics by letting students interactively explore different combinations of light sources and positions of the working place. Several parameters can be varied in the program, which makes it possible to study ergonomic lighting under different conditions. The program is designed to support the students in developing own hypotheses, and to test these in order to create a mental model of ergonomic lighting.

No Java 2 SDK support!!

Windows users need to install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) if the ErgoLight applet is not working. On a Mac the JRE is installed by default.

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