UroSurf is an introduction to urinary diagnostics. It does not replace a manual that specializes in this laboratory science: it is a self-learning tool for the interpretation of common urinary tests.

Summary of the table of contents

Urinary Diagnosis: this chapter is a summary of systematic theory. It is divided in five parts:

  • Introduction
  • Physical examination
  • Chemical examination
  • Urine sediment
  • Bacteriology

Examples of clinical cases: this chapter describes the importance of urinary diagnosis in medicine. For each case history presented, the student must provide a diagnosis that corresponds with the information provided. The student is then invited to interpret the test strips and/or urinary sediment results and to draw the appropriate conclusions.
You will then be able to acquire the relevant knowledge in each case by establishing links between illustrations and theory.

Urinary sediment illustrations: The urinary sediment illustrations can be compared, which allows you to distinguish differences. A search tool combining different criteria is available.
A image based test is available to verify your ability to differentiate the elements of the urinary sediment.

Help: In this section, explanations are provided concerning the screen layout, and technical information about the use of this module: minimum system requirements, browser compatibility, and monitor display resolution.